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Instream Water Leasing 2018

Friday, 08 December 2017 00:00

Water Leasing

Annual Water Leasing Program – 2018

Do you have water rights that you are not using or are thinking about not using?   Would you like to protect your water right, help improve flows in the Crooked and Deschutes Rivers?

The Deschutes River Conservancy and North Unit Irrigation District are partnering to offer their annual water leasing program again in 2018.  Each year of a lease counts as a year of beneficial use, thereby preserving the validity of your water right.  You may lease all or part of your irrigation rights, but the entire area being leased must remain dry for the duration of the instream lease.  From 2015 to 2017, North Unit Irrigation District and its patrons did not have acres to contribute to leasing. However, 4,469 acres were leased basin wide, resulting in 59.4 cfs of additional flows to Whychus Creek, Tumalo Creek, Trout Creek, Ochoco Creek, and the Crooked and Deschutes Rivers.  Protecting water with leasing increases flows in the Deschutes River below Bend by up to 30%.

For more information about leasing instream you can contact the District office at (541) 475-3625 and ask for Pam or Sue.



DRC Newsletter 2018

Weed Farm Deferral Exhibit C 2018


LEPA - LESA Trials in the Pacific Northwest

Thursday, 09 February 2017 09:16

Irrigation accounts for 80-90% of the consumptive use of water in the arid areas of the Pacific Northwest where water shortages are felt the keenest.  Center pivots and linear move irrigation systems account for well over half of the total irrigated acres in the Pacific Northwest, or 3.9 million irrigated acres (NASS Farm and Ranch Irrigation Survey, 2013).  Even small changes in the efficiency of these systems will have a huge impact on the total water conservation in the Pacific Northwest. For more information click on the links below.


LEPA - LESA  Low Energy Precision Application    Low Elevation Spray Application

LEPA - LESA Short Handout


Business of the Year Award

Tuesday, 27 September 2016 09:53



Citizens who went the extra mile in their dedication to the community were recognized at the Madras-Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce Awards Banquet, held Sept. 15, at the Erickson Aircraft Collection.

The theme of this year’s banquet was “Celebrating 70 Years of Water,” in honor of the establishment of North Unit Irrigation District, which brought irrigation water, and generations of new farmers to the county.

Local growers Gary Harris and Marty Richards gave a program on the history of the formation of the irrigation district, and the population boom that followed. read more...


Energy Trust - Pacific Power - Portland General Electric

Thursday, 02 June 2016 07:51

Rotating sprinklers offer a new spin on savings with incentives from Energy Trust of Oregon

When it comes to irrigation, uniformity is the magic word. One of the best ways to improve uniformity is to install rotating sprinklers. Growers are replacing worn low-pressure or impact sprinklers with new rotators and saving money at every turn. With assistance from vendors, they’re saving even more by choosing equipment that qualifies for cash incentives from Energy Trust.


To learn how Energy Trust can help you save with new rotating sprinklers, talk to your vendor, or visit www.Energy Trust

Energy Trust Application


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