2019 Upgrade Rebates and Incentives

How are your sprinklers, nozzles and gaskets?

For those with Pacific Power, Energy Trust of Oregon has announced their 2019 rebates and incentives.  Energy Trust of Oregon not only provides irrigation incentives through their modernization program, but they also provide for Greenhouse Upgrades, Energy-Efficient Upgrades for Equipment and Lighting and Light Controls.

“Making energy-efficient upgrades to your irrigation system can save you energy and water. Energy Trust offers rebates on irrigation hardware, and can calculate incentives for pump and irrigation system upgrades to help realize energy-related savings on your farm.”

Below are the incentives for your sprinklers, nozzles and gaskets. But if you are interested in what else Energy Trust of Oregon provides to their Pacific Power customers, visit their website.


Apply for cash incentives after you purchase the following qualified equipment:

Linear and pivot improvement Incentive
New low-pressure regulators $5 per regulator
New drop tube or hose extensions $2.40 per tube
New “Goose neck” elbow for drop tubes $1.65 per elbow
New multi-trajectory sprays $1 per sprinkler
New multi-trajectory sprays $4 per sprinkler
New multiple configuration nozzles $2.75 per sprinkler
Rebuilt or new impact sprinklers $3.75 per sprinkler
New drains $1 per drain
Wheel and hand-line improvement Incentive
Rebuilt or new impact sprinklers $3.75 per sprinkler
New nozzle for impact sprinkler $0.75 per nozzle
New flow controlling type nozzle $3.75 per nozzle
New drains $1 per drain
New gaskets $2.00 per gasket
Cut and pipe press repair of leaking pipes $10 per section

Incentives are subject to funding availability and may change.

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