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Energy Trust of Oregon Funding

Did you know that on average 50% of the irrigation systems installed throughout this region are in need of repair? Yes, you can see them spraying water, but inefficient and ineffective irrigation systems will eat up your water allotment and lower your potential crop yield. For example, did you know your sprinklers and pressure regulators […]

2019 Upgrade Rebates and Incentives

How are your sprinklers, nozzles and gaskets? For those with Pacific Power, Energy Trust of Oregon has announced their 2019 rebates and incentives.  Energy Trust of Oregon not only provides irrigation incentives through their modernization program, but they also provide for Greenhouse Upgrades, Energy-Efficient Upgrades for Equipment and Lighting and Light Controls. “Making energy-efficient upgrades […]


  As of March 12, 2019, the North Unit Irrigation District board of directors set the 2019 Irrigation Season Allotments at 1.50 acre feet per acre for Deschutes River and 0.75 acre feet per acre for Crooked River acres. This restricted allotment is based on what is projected to be deliverable, and supersedes the minimum […]

Piping Projects Proceed Throughout Basin

This year finalizes our 58-11 lateral piping project- marking one of North Unit Irrigation District’s largest lateral piping project to date. The project spans 5 miles and is estimated to conserve over 2000 AF of water per irrigation season. North Unit is not the only ones making great strides in massive piping projects. We share […]

Water Is Tight

Water is tight as season nears end As an update to my June water report, early season dry conditions, poor snow accumulation in the mountains, and a Wickiup sinkhole led to a less than favorable start to water supply conditions early in the irrigation season.