Customer Portal to Track Water Usage and Place Water Orders

North Unit Irrigation District is happy to announce our customer portal pilot!

Track your water usage, your water rights and place online water orders.

Starting the 2019 irrigation season, ALL water users will be able to log into their online account to see their water usage but only those with turnouts on select rides* can schedule their water orders online.

*Only turnout on Ride 34, 37, 41, 57 and 63 will be able to place online water orders.

For all water users, water usage will be updated monthly. But for select turnouts on Ride 34, 37, 41, 51,  57, and 63, water usage through these turnouts will be updated near-daily. Please note that total water usage split across turnsout within and outside of Ride 34, 37, 41, 51, 57, and 63 will only be accurate when all other deliveries are updated each month.

Don’t know which turnouts are on which rides? 

Ride 34 includes turnouts that begin with the following: 31, 32, 34, and R34.

Ride 37 includes turnouts that begin with the following: 37, and 38.

Ride 41 includes turnouts that begin with the following: 41, PL41, R40, and 42.

Ride 51 includes turnouts that begin with the following: 45, 48, 50 51, L51, M51, PL51, and R51.

Ride 57 includes turnouts that begin with the following: 57, R57, P58, 59, and L59.

Ride 63 includes turnouts that begin with the following: 60, 61, 61-L, 61-11, PL62, 63, and R63.

How to Set Up Your Account

There are two types of accounts: the operator and the authorized user accounts.

Operator Account:

If you are the legal water operator of the headgate, North Unit will provide you the account information and access key to set up your account as the operator. This account level has full access to all levels of your information such as last bills paid, operable turn outs, and water rights.

To get set up, please fill out the form below and your account login information will be sent to you by email.

Authorized User Account:

If you are not the legal water operator but are, for example, hired to manage the delivery and coordination of water orders, the operator can give you access to their information as an authorized userOperators can give authorized users one of three levels of access:

  1. Full access to all information and ordering capability on all headgates (Full Access),
  2. Only ordering capabilities on all headgates (Orders Only),
  3. Only ordering capabilities on select headgates (Orders by Gate).

Which means, the operator must create an account first and give the authorized user access.


  1. Operator must fill out form below or call the main office to obtain activation code for their customer portal.
  2. With the code, set up their account through this link.
  3. Once account is set up, Operator must go to Settings, and under Manage Authorized Users, click Add an Authorized User
  4. Operator will add the Name and Email of the authorized user and a Unique Code of the operator’s choice. This code should be no more than 7 digits long.
  5. Operator sets level of access (Permissions).
  6. Operator shares code with authorized user.
  7. Authorized user sets up their account by inserting the same name, email, and unique code entered by the Operator.
  8.  If confusion or problems persist, call the office.

Create Your Customer Portal Login

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