Customer Portal to Track Water Usage and Place Water Orders

North Unit Irrigation District is happy to announce our customer portal pilot through which online water-orders can be placed. Starting the 2019 irrigation season, ALL water users will be able to log into their online account to see their water usage but only those with turnouts on select rides** can schedule their water orders online.

**Only turnout on Ride 34 and Ride 57 will be able to place online water orders.

For all water users, water usage will be updated monthly. But for select turnouts on Ride 34 and 57, water usage through these turnouts will be updated daily. Please note, that total water usage split among turnouts within and outside of Ride 34 and 57 will only be accurate when all deliveries are updated each month.

Don’t know which turn outs are on which rides? 

Ride 34 includes turn outs that begin with the following: 31, 32, 34, and R34.

Ride 57 includes turn outs that begin with the following: 57, R57, P58, 59, and L59.

How to Set Up Your Account

If you wish to set up your online account, please fill out the form below and your account login information will be sent to you by email.

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