June 2021 Water Allotment Reduction

District Patrons – as communicated previously, early season reports predicted enough water supply to meet the 1 acre-foot allotment for Deschutes River water rights, and the .50 acre-foot allotment for Crooked River water rights for the 2021 irrigation season. Given outside of historical norms supply conditions, implementation of the Habitat Conservation Plan, extreme drought, and above normal heat, the NUID Board of Directors was forced to reduce allotments by .10 acre-foot district wide, effective at 5:00pm today June 21, 2021.


By reducing the allotment, along with remaining NUID storage reserves in Bowman Reservoir, operational water that NUID is receiving from COID, and other sources of water, NUID is projected to extend available water through the middle to end of August.  Please understand conditions change rapidly, and this projection may change.  NUID staff and Board of Directors are monitoring the situation closely and will update water users as quickly as possible.


NUID strongly advises district water users to be very mindful of water supplies, as we begin entering the hotter seasons of the year.


Please feel free to contact the NUID office for additional info.




Josh Bailey

General Manager

North Unit Irrigation District.