System Improvement Photo Gallery

Recent and on-going infrastructural upgrades to the NUID distribution system involve extensive piping efforts. North Unit’s ‘System Improvement Plan’ processes will be documented and captured throughout each phase, and here you can find pictures of the work we’re doing.

58-11 Pre-work: Earth Removal

The Lateral 58-11 pipeline and Surge Pond is located in the northeast portion of the NUID project, approximately 13 miles from the City of Madras. This project was a multi-phase project to pipe approximately 4.5 miles of open earth ditch subject to excessive erosion and seepage due to porous soils, as well as to mitigate sedimentation issues at Mud Springs. Major support from the Jefferson County Soil and Water Conservation District, as well as the regional  patrons of the area, made this project possible.

58-11 Head-end Surge Pond