Seeking applications for Plotting for Pollinators (P4P)

Pollinator Plots within North Unit Irrigation District (NUID)

North Unit Irrigation District (NUID) is seeking farmers interested in creating “pollinator plots” on their property. This will involve allocating a portion of land to set aside for growing native vegetation which will attract and sustain pollinators. This pilot project is in partnership with Coalition for the Deschutes (CFD) and the Middle Deschutes Watershed Council (MDWC). NUID, CFD, and MDWC along with local experts have convened a pollinator plot planning group to determine how pollinator plots will work best on local agricultural land.

We are currently seeking applicants to install a pollinator plot on their property. There is no cost or contractual obligation to apply, only a connection to start planning a beneficial project. For more details, contact Lisa Windom at the NUID office (541) 475-3625.  Informational and application enclosed.

Applications of Interest

CLICK HERE for Application of Interest. Please return either electronically to, by hand to the North Unit Irrigation District Office (address above), or by fax to (541)475-3905 before May 15, 2020 for interest planting this spring, by June 30, 2020 for interest planting Fall 2020 and August 31, 2020 for Spring 2021 planting.

Coalition for the Deschutes: Shared Vision Partnership

CFD has been an invaluable ally to NUID. Through the creation of the Shared Vision for the Deschutes, CFD has bridged the gap between nonprofits, recreational groups, local businesses, and Central Oregon agriculture for the health of the Deschutes River. The Shared Vision focuses on positive collaboration through resolutions to balance fish, families, and farms, rather than through divisive litigation. For more information on how to be a Shared Vision partner, go to

Shared Vision: Be the Change Program

Shared Vision for the Deschutes kicks off its Be the Change program this year. Be the Change brings action to the values held by the Shared Vision and helps empower its partners towards reaching the shared goal of restoring the health of the Deschutes River Basin. This summer Be the Change will start with our NUID/CFD Plotting for Pollinators program (P4P).


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