Reminder! Energy Trust Rebates by Dec 31st!

The Energy Trust team is anxiously waiting for your completed rebate forms.  Please be sure to get them in by the end of the year.  January 1st will be too late for this years’ purchases.  Please let all your customers, colleagues, and friends know and encourage them to submit their rebate forms.


We have rebates for the following industrial and agricultural items, each of the underlined items is a web link.

  1. Compressed Air Rebate Form:  Zero loss Condensate Drains, Cycling Refrigerated Dryers, Additional Receiver Capacity, Low pressure Drop Filters.
  2. Insulation Rebate Form: Attic, Roof, Wall and Pipe Insulation
  3. Greenhouse Rebate Form:  IR Poly, Thermal Curtains, Under Bench Heating, Intelligent Greenhouse Controller with Night Setback, Unit Heaters.
  4. Irrigation Rebate Form:  13 items: Nozzles, Gaskets, Drains, Sprinkler Heads
  5. LESA/LEPA Rebate Form:  For upgrading Linears or Pivots to LESA or LEPA systems.
  6. Natural Gas Heating Rebate Form:  Radiant Heat, Boilers
  7. Steam Trap Rebate Form:  For replacing Steam Traps
  8. Welder Rebate Form:  For replacing a transformer welder with an inverter welder
  9. Industrial Battery Charger Form:  For replacing 24-48 volt forklift or pallet jack battery charger
  10. Cannabis Dehumidifier Rebate Form:  For Replacing working dehumidifiers in indoor grow facilities
  11. Municipal Water Leak Repair: For assessing the water leaks in a municipal system


You may be eligible for these Energy Trust Rebates if:

  1. You are a PGE or Pacific Power customer for your electric rebates.
  2. You are a Northwest Natural, Cascade Natural gas, or Avista customer for your natural gas rebates.
  3. You purchased the item within the last 6 months.
  4. The item purchased is a qualifying item – follow the links above or see the attached rebate forms to learn if it is a qualifying item.