Welcome to our North Unit media page!

Here you can find resources like event recordings, podcast episodes (new program coming online), and presentation content from past keynote events or public affairs.

Event recordings (audio/visual content)

  1. 2022 Jefferson County Farm Fair – Deschutes Basin Habitat Conservation Plan Discussion
    1. Downloadable pdf of Q&A > 2-11-2022 Responses to HCP Questions
  2. December 2021 Town Hall 
  3. Seasonal Climate Forecast

Event & Meeting Presentations/Slideshow

  1. 2023 Farm Fair Presentation
  2. NUID 2022 Organizational Changes (presented at Farm Fair)

2021 Patron Communication Survey

  1. Here are the results from the winter ’21 communication survey > Survey Data
    • This survey was intended to gauge, given the mediums through which we (the District) communicate with our patrons, what we might be able to do better in the way of communications, and keeping everyone informed.